Postoperative Pain & Edema Recovery & Pain Management

Clinically Proven Medical Therapy for Medical Professionals

The RecoveryRx® medical device provides a safe and cost-effective pain management therapy for medical professionals. RecoveryRx® uses pulsed electromagnetic therapy to reduce pain and inflammation resulting in accelerated patient recovery and improved comfort.

Working as an adjunct therapy, RecoveryRx® adds another dimension to multimodal approaches to pain management* improving patient comfort. RecoveryRx® has been clinically shown to significantly reduce postoperative pain and the use of narcotic pain medication postoperatively, potentially reducing the incidence of adverse side effects associated with these drugs.

*Well controlled postoperative pain is known to reduce the incidence of postoperative chronic pain.

The RecoveryRx® Innovation

The benefits of this therapy are conveniently available for postoperative recovery and wound care. RecoveryRx® can be easily and seamlessly incorporated into established wound dressing protocols and has been clinically shown to be an effective treatment for medical markets including:

- Postoperative Pain

- Chronic Wound Healing & Pain Relief

- Plastic Surgery Recovery

- Dental

- Orthopedic

- Physical Therapy

- Chiropractic